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Exposed aggregate concrete is a fairly new option in concreting and has fast become popular in new builds for its aesthetic appeal whilst still maintaining durability and stability.

Creative Concrete - Exposed Aggregate Concrete Adelaide 

As a company with over 20 years of experience in the concreting industry Creative Concrete - Exposed Aggregate Concrete has seen the changes and has grown with the changing times of the industry to stay up to date with each new development.

The staff at Creative Concrete - Exposed Aggregate Concrete Adelaide can offer not only experience in basic concreting but also extensive knowledge in the success of certain exposed aggregate concrete options for varying applications.


Offering not only driveway options but also exposed aggregate concrete that will also work well in a footpath, outdoor areas or pathway capacity. Colours can range from being earthy and natural to more extreme and bold.


Services Offered By Creative Concrete - Exposed Aggregate Concrete Adelaide 

           * Exposed Aggregate Concrete Options

           * Coloured Concrete

           * DIY Exposed Aggregate Concrete

           * Aggregate Concrete Installation

           * Exposed Aggregate Concrete Repair

           * Decorative Aggregate


 To get more information about anything in regards to exposed aggregate concrete, contact Creative Concrete - Exposed Aggregate Concrete Adelaide the company that  strivesitself on providing first rate options and services throughout Adelaide.


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